Together with my colleagues at EB-5 New York State, LLC, I would like to extend my deepest sympathy to Larry and Jane Glazer’s family, their extended family at Buckingham Properties, and to everyone who was touched by Larry’s infectious spirit, as they navigate this difficult time.

Larry was a visionary.  He saw potential where others did not, and he had the determination to make his vision into a reality for the people of Rochester.   It was our privilege and pleasure to work with Larry and to be a part of his plans. 

Larry and Jane’s tragic and untimely deaths are a tremendous loss not just for their family and friends, but for the people of Rochester and the State of New York.  Larry did well by doing good. He had done much to improve the landscape of Rochester, and his foresight and energy were such that everyone around him knew he would do so much more.

The legacy of Larry and Jane Glazer will live on through their countless business successes and their philanthropy.  Our thoughts and prayers are with their friends, families and colleagues as they navigate this difficult time.

Bill Gresser
EB-5 New York State, LLC