EB-5 Visa Investment in New York, How to Get Started

Investments into our EB-5 investment projects are securities.  As such, investments are made only pursuant to the terms of the Company’s Offering Documents (the Company’s Private Placement Memorandum, Subscription Agreement, Operating Agreement and Business Plan plus exhibits).

The first step in considering an investment is to carefully review the Offering Documents.  

Before the Company can provide you with the Offering Documents, a prospective investor must complete the following two forms:

Non Disclosure Agreement

By signing the Non Disclosure Agreement, the prospective investor agrees to keep all information provided confidential.  

Initial Information Form

The Initial Information Form is completed by the prospective investor to provide initial information in order for the Company to make an initial determination if the prospective investor is qualified.  All information provided is kept confidential.

Please contact us for further information on completing and returning the Non Disclosure and Initial Information Forms.